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Jordan Paris

After wallowing in the pit of depression for years, Jordan Paris finally made the decision to climb out; He decided to change his life for the better. He turned to personal development, seeking out countless books, mentors, and ultimately, his unique truths. In only a few short years, Jordan effectively turned his setbacks into setups; He built multiple businesses and his online programs impact lives across the globe. Jordan’s journey is the latest to prove that anyone can rise up from any challenge to enjoy a prosperous life.

In Growth Mindset University, Jordan shares his empowering ideas and principles for joy, success, and fulfillment. He teaches us that a major key to prosperities of all kind is continual growth and development. At a time when people are desperate to improve their lives but are unwilling to improve themselves, Jordan’s compelling lessons come in handy for those that seek to create their own reality. His approach is a bit unorthodox in some ways, though, as he says that there are no seeds of greatness that are already inherently inside us. Instead, he says that we must make a conscious effort to plant these seeds by enrolling in the University of Life, and water them continually in the form of growth and development. In the end, unlike most self-help authors that claim there is only one right way to live life, Jordan argues that there is an infinite amount of truths since what works for one person may not work for another. In this way, wisdom is merely an accumulation of a wide-ranging spectrum of different perspectives. With this invigorating manifesto, Jordan summons us to seek our own unique truths while empowering us to creatively and effectively design our lives in the manner we wish.

What's Inside

The Growth Mindset

Those with a growth mindset believe that if they don’t know something, they can surely learn it and master it. They are creators, not victims, of their reality and masters of their ship. This mindset gives you the confidence to produce prosperities of all kind.

Feed the Mind or Fall Behind

In an everchanging world, complacency kills no matter how great we are, how old we are, or how wise we are. For this reason, knowledge is not something that accumulates and remains forever; it’s use it or lose it. And the ones who think they know it all have no room to grow, no room to evolve. Further, businesses have failed and entire species have become extinct due to an inability to evolve. We must be lifelong learners if we wish to enjoy a prosperous life over the long-term.

Develop Your Unique Inspiration

Establishing a clear vision and reason for why we do what we do enables us to live with excitement. Being able to articulate this allows for the possibility of enrolling others in our vision. After all, where there is no vision, the people perish. When we don’t know why we do what we do, how is anyone else supposed to know? And why would they care?

Invest in Yourself

The best investment we can make is an investment in ourselves. We must invest our time and energy into learning the skills we need to advance our vision of the world and our best self’s place in it.

Questions for Answers

Habitually asking ourselves quality questions results in a high-quality life, and vice versa.

Trouble is Transportation

We all go through times of difficulty. Problems are not special gifts reserved for the rich, as Jim Rohn would say. But the same thing can happen to two different people, and one person will interpret the meaning one way and go down a specific path, while the other person will interpret the meaning a different way and go down the opposite path. With a shift to Jordan’s Universal Perspective, those with a growth mindset trust that any trouble is the transportation that delivers them to their next victory.

Awaken Your Potential

Overcome your fears and get after your dreams
today. You don’t need the weather to change, you don’t need your upbringing to change, you don’t need your luck to change, you don’t need any circumstance to change for you to become your best self.

Design a Life

Designing a beautiful life is all about making plans. If you want good health, make a plan to be healthy. If you want wealth, make a plan to be wealthy. If you want good relationships, make a plan to have good relationships. If you want to become a great public speaker, make a plan to become a great public speaker. If you want a prosperous business, make a business plan. If you want to be intelligent, make a study plan. If you want to be influential, make an influence plan. If you want to be happy, make a plan to be happy. Prosperities of all kind can be yours with a simple plan. The best part is that we don’t have to be healthy to start a plan to be healthy, we don’t have to be wealthy to start a plan to be wealthy, and so on. Decide on what you want and make a strategic plan to get there. What are you planning on?

Grow to Give

The whole point of growing is to give because it adds meaning to our lives. In this chapter, Jordan challenges us to live to learn and grow to give.

Together is Better

If you have the chance to do terrific things in your life (you do), take someone with you. Partners help us level up in specific skills, and they further add to the meaning of our lives.

Take Full Responsibility

There is no failure, only results, and the most significant sign of maturity is taking responsibility for those results.

Live Impactfully

To make an impact, we must define what making an impact means to us. Once we gain clarity of the impact we want to make, only then can we make our impact and leave a legacy.

The Goal of Growth Mindset University

Jordan wrote this book to put the pen in your hand that you can use to write your own story, to creatively design the masterpiece of art that is your life.



They say aimlessness is a vice. Well, a few short years ago I walked around aimlessly, of which the consequence was depression. I merely hoped for things to get better, unwilling to do anything about it. I had no control over my life. Instead, I just “went with the flow”, and the current of the flow swept me down the river of misery. It wasn’t until I decided to consciously direct the flow of my life that things began to get better. I got better, so my life got better.

The tragedy of today is that men and women across the world are desperate to improve their lives, yet they aren’t willing to improve themselves. They aren’t willing to develop new skills. They aren’t willing to learn. They aren’t willing to improve their thought patterns. They aren’t willing to put in an effort that surpasses the minimum. So, they get “stuck”. How many times have you heard someone say that they feel “stuck”? I know this is how I felt years ago.

Now, I don’t claim to be an expert of any sort. Instead, I’m a student of life, just like you, and these are some of my observations that I’d like to share with you. I continually look to my teachers for guidance. Lifestyle is never a one size fits all; what is true for me may not be true for you, and that’s OK because coming to understand a wide-ranging spectrum of different perspectives is precisely what leads to wisdom. Even the perspective that is opposite of our own has incredible value, if not more so than any other perspective. In any case, we should all be students of life. Instead of trying to just get through the day, we should strive to get from the day. Learn from each day. Learn from each experience; Become a sponge, soak everything up and you will transform not only your life, but your partner’s life, your family’s life, and your friends’ lives. If you improve, then your life will improve. When you walk around with the attitude that your results are your responsibility, there is no glass ceiling you cannot break.

My goal with Growth Mindset University is simple: to empower you to direct the flow of your life, to put the pen in your hand that you may write the story of your life with, to bestow upon you the brush that you may use to artistically craft the masterpiece of your life with, to summon you to seek what is true for you, and to rid of the vice that is aimlessness once and for all. Will you take this journey with me?

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